Wednesday, 31 May 2017

How to Make Your Children Happy?

Happiness is something that everyone wishes to achieve as one of the important goals in life and if you are parents of children, you may want to do the same for your children and yourself. For instance, taking the children out to ride on the cars is one of the options. Similarly, experts have been working on studies that may ensure a certain level of happiness for the parents and children both. The idea is that if they can learn to stay happy, it can be extended to sustain a decent life throughout the life.


Children are not taught to show gratitude to parents and same goes for the parents. This means that if you work on making your children aware of the good things and teach them ways to be grateful, it could make them more humble and the parents will feel appreciated for doing the hard work for children. This can also be inculcated if the children know how to be thankful for little things in the life. For example, before eating, you can make them realize how fortunate they are to have food. Similarly, different techniques can be applied to nurture the tendency to express gratitude.


It helps to take control of oneself by making aware of the breathing and internal peace required for proper functioning. This means that if you start practicing it and acquaint your children, it can make them a person who is happy and who will be kind to other as well. For instance, if the child is able to help him/her and feels in charge of the emotional state, it can facilitate them in thinking about others, specifically parents. Moreover, the more children are taught to deal with their emotional chaos, the better it can get for them to feel confident.

Expressing love 

No matter how good you are at taking care of your children, if you cannot express your love to them, they will not know about it. The main point is that after all you are all humans and if you are not making an effort to show your love, children may not read it or understand. Moreover, children are not good at non-verbal communication. Hence, you will have to spell it out for them. In other words, if your children see you taking care of them and supporting them despite everything, it will provide them a sense of security and stability required for growth and personality development. Therefore, if the children are given a good foundation, they will replicate it by adopting your habits and they will tend to learn from you. As a result, the complete family will feel happier and content.

Staying Optimistic
This is not to stay you are expected to be disconnected from your surroundings or become na├»ve, however, if you can train yourself to look at the positive side of everything, it can help you to overcome the negative energy in addition to making you strong. The main purpose is to foster the tendency to be grateful for what you have so that you can be kind and polite to others. If you are someone who is grappling to do so, you can get a therapy or someone’s help to make it easy for you. For instance, if you do not have anyone near, you can take the help of your children to achieve a healthy mindset.

Thought Process
They say if one invests in the thought process; people can completely change in terms of viewing the things, especially when it gets hard. Therefore, if you are investing in things rather than your mindset, you do not accomplish the results. The idea is that you spend time on something that would provide you benefits more than any material thing. And if you are following the exercises to open your mind in terms of being receptive and attentive to everything around you, it is bound to increase your sense of awareness. Furthermore, if you are someone who has the busy work life, but you want to give the children quality time, you can try this step in order to make the most of your time.

In addition to control, you can manage your mood swings, which is often a cause of tensions and frustrations in the life of most of the parents. Similarly, it can assist you in transforming the negative energy of your child into love and care. The idea is to take advantage of this opportunity and to reset the nature of your relationship with the children. For instance, if you appreciate the good work your child has done and support them to do more, it is likely to reflect in the strength of your relationship If it is some kind of an academic achievement, you can tell the child how proud you are of them and show your gratitude in form of giving them attention or help with homework. Similarly, if the child is making an effort to make the bed every day, you can find the good things in it rather than criticizing the child or being hard on them for not trying hard enough. The main purpose is to encourage the child for being responsible and taking charge of the things that are needed.

Start Noticing
If you are someone who is not aware of the surrounding or you feel busy, you may want to work on this step because if you do not pay to heed to things you should, you will not be able to realize what is wrong. And if you have no idea about the problem, the solution of it cannot be found either. Therefore, if you feel that you see problems everywhere, take it as the signs to find the solutions. There is a possibility that you may not be able to find the way of fixing it right away, however, if you remain persistent, the things around you can change in surprising ways.

For instance, you may miss out on how your children bond with each other in terms of helping each other and if you are buried under the work, you may not be able to enjoy that moment. Similarly, if you want to make memories, you will have to start paying attention. Furthermore, spending time with your children is another way of unwinding and learning to be happy.

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